Preventative Maintenance Services

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Our scalable maintenance service plans means that there’s a perfect fit for you regardless of office size. Get the most out of your equipment for years to come, avoid costly downtime, and enjoy great savings on maintenance labor. If you choose to partner with us, a site evaluation will be performed identifying all equipment requiring maintenance. We also look at the age of the systems, air quality, water quality and size of the office to recommend the plan that best fits your needs.

Basic Service Plan

  • Min. 4 Scheduled Visits/Year
  • Labor rates are discounted 5%
  • Recommended for smaller offices with 1-4 operatories

Value Service Plan

  • Min. 6 Scheduled Visits/Year
  • Labor rates are discounted 10%
  • Recommended for mid-sized offices with 5-8 operatories

Precision Service Plan

  • Min. 12+ Scheduled Visits/Year
  • Labor rates are discounted 15%
  • Free Rentals are included
  • Recommended for larger offices with 8 or more operatories

Preventative maintenance on dental equipment can be the difference between a productive day and a loss of revenue. Changing filters, lubricating O-rings, and inspecting sterilizer gaskets are simple ways to prevent equipment from failing. Our technicians will perform a multi-point inspection of all your dental equipment and assemble a maintenance plan that will keep your equipment running smoothly.

For additional information -

please contact our service team at (614) 534-0073.

Brad J. Primm