Panoramic X-Ray Special Offers

Monday, November 26, 2018

Receive $1500 trade-in credit on your old panoramic x-ray and 50% off tube head disposal!

If you have not converted over to digital radiography, Capital City Dental & Compliance would be happy to provide you with options to make that transition.  We are a provider of multiple digital radiography solutions. Whether you are a traditional film user wanting to convert to digital imaging or a digital user looking to upgrade to a 3D imaging platform we can provide the options.

Some of the advantages of digital radiography:

  • Enhancement on image quality
  • Reduced radiation for your patient
  • Quick image processing.  Reduce the amount of processing time from minutes to seconds.
  • Easy image sharing to insurance providers or other dental professionals.

Whether you are upgrading to from a film base panoramic to digital panoramic or upgrading from digital to 3D we have the solution for you. Vatech is a leading manufacturer of radiographic imaging solutions for the medical, dental, and veterinary fields with offices in over 70 countries worldwide. Contact our equipment sales team for details on how to receive $1500 for a trade-in.

100% buy-back towards your brand new 3D Imaging System from Vatech!

If you are on the path to going to a 3D platform but feel like you are a few years away from taking that leap, we have a solution.  

With the 100% buyback program from Vatech, you can purchase a 2D digital x-ray and have 3 years to trade-in and receive 100% back what you paid to be put towards a Vatech 3D machine.

For additional information -

please contact us at (614) 534-0073.

Brad J. Primm